Confederate Veterans





"I am OFFENDED and I DEMAND you remove your history to

APPEASE my delicate sensibilities" is the new battle cry of the decade.


In Direct response The Sons of Confederate Veterans have already raised several 

of these Huge Confederate Flags in Georgia, Florida and Tennessee.

They are 135 feet high and are the size of a semi truck.

 Future Confederate Flags are slated to Rise all across the South!




The Texas Confederate Veterans' website is dedicated to preserving the rich heritage of Texas' participation in the Civil War and The Confederacy.

On the Texas Confederate Veterans website you will find articles pertaining to confederate actions during the Civil War, monuments to Texas Confederate Veterans that exist throughout North and Northeast Texas that were erected by the United Confederate Veterans, and individual stories about Texas participants in the War Between the States, including little-known contributions by Afro-Americans who fought for the Confederacy.

 Using photos and news articles from different Texas Counties, we document past and current activities of groups like the United Confederate Veterans, Sons of Confederate Veterans, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Decedents of Confederate Veterans and others who are interested in historical preservation of the South's participation in the War Between the States.

 Unlike what some people would have you believe about the Confederacy, the Confederate Flag and the role Texans played in the Civil War, our purpose is not to glorify slavery and racism, but to document and explain the impact that the Confederacy had on our area of Texas and to honor our Texas Confederate ancestors and to present the Confederate Flag as a symbol of honor and not hate.

The Texas Confederate Veterans website is also dedicated in preserving and restoring the honor of our Confederate ancestors. Most people donít realize that Texas contributed over 90,000 Confederate soldiers during the Civil War most of whom were just boys and not slave owners.  These men were endured many untold hardships and deserve to be honored.


If you have any questions, photos or information that you would like to contribute please email us at info@texasconfederateveterans.com



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