Confederate Monument

Austin, Texas



Austin's Beautiful Monument
The ceremonies attendant on the unveiling of the John B. Hood Camp Confederate Monument occurred at Austin, Tex., on April 16. In addition to the enthusiastic recognition of the auspicious event by the citizens of Austin, it is estimated that 5,000 out-of-town people attended the ceremonies. Congress Avenue, the principal thoroughfare of the beautiful capital city of Texas, partook of the appearance of a carnival town ablaze with merriment. All the happy details of a gala day were employed to make the occasion perfect in every appointment. Speeches were made by Gov. Lanham, Ex-Gov. Lubbock, Judge John H. Reagan, and Judge Yancey Lewis, the latter taking the place on the programme which had been assigned to Commander Thomas P. Stone, of the U. S. C. V., who was unavoidably absent.
Misses Bessie Orr, Christine Littlefield, Nina Richardson, and Bessie Robertson, four beautiful maids attired in pure white pulled the canvas which covered the figures of the heroes which the people of the South love to honor. The unveiling was under the auspices of Albert Sidney Johnston Chapter, Daughters of the Confederacy. As the white cloth was removed from the bronze figure of President Jefferson Davis, a mighty shout went up from the vast assemblage, which lasted for some time.
The monument was then formally delivered to the John B. Hood Camp by the president of the Board of Trustees, and then formally received by Commander W. H. Richardson, of John B. Hood Camp.


The figures on the monument, outside of the statue of Jefferson. Davis, which crowns the pedestal, are representations of the four branches of the Confederate fighters, an infantryman, a cavalryman, an artillerist, and a sailor, all of bronze.


October 26, 1891


February 13, 1892

December 5, 1892