Richard G. Batte


















Full Name: Richard G. Batte

Birth Date:  September 17, 1844

Died:           April 2, 1931




Richard G. (Dick) Batte (1844-1931) was born in Virginia. His father, Major W. C. Batte, moved to Red River County , Texas in 1845 and settled on Swannano Creek. This section of Red River County later became Titus County. Dick Batte was a Confederate veteran, and for many years was a merchant and city official in Mt. Pleasant, Texas. Batte is interred at Masonic Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant, Texas.


Regimental History:

27th Cavalry Regiment [also called 1st Texas Legion] was organized during the spring of 1862 using Whitfield's 4th Texas Cavalry Battalion as its nucleus. Many of the men were recruited at Daingerfield, Clarksville, and Paris, and in Titus County. After fighting at Elkhorn Tavern as a battalion, only 9 officers and 111 men were present. The unit moved east of the Mississippi River and was dismounted. It then fought at Iuka and Corinth and during the fall was remounted. Later it saw action in Mississippi, was assigned to Ross' Brigade, took part in the Atlanta and Tennessee Campaigns, then returned to Mississippi. This regiment was organized with 1,007 officers and men, lost twenty-two percent of the 460 engaged at Iuka, and surrendered only a handful on May 4, 1865. The field officers were Colonels John W. Whitfield and Edwin R. Hawkins, Lieutenant Colonel John H. Broocks, and Majors Cyrus K. Holman and John T. Whitfield.