William H. Bolin













Full Name:  William H. Bolin

Birth Date:  October 26, 1819

Died:            December 12, 1887




Regimental History:

22nd Infantry Regiment was organized during the early summer of 1862 using the 5th (Hubbard's) Texas Infantry Battalion as its nucleus. Many of its members were from Palestine, Quitman, Livingston, Mason, and Tyler. The 22nd was attached to O. Young's and Waul's Brigade, Trans-Mississippi Department, and fought in Louisiana and Arkansas including the conflicts at Young's Point and Jenkins' Ferry. Later it moved to Shreveport, Louisiana, then Hempstead, Texas. Here the regiment disbanded before the surrender in June, 1865. Its commanders were Colonel Richard B. Hubbard, Lieutenant Colonels John J. Canon and Elias E. Lott, and Major Benjamin F. Parkes.