Denton County

Denton, Texas

Denton Confederate Statue and monument




Original Cost: $5,000  Today's Dollars:  $80,200

The Texas Confederate Statue located in Denton, Texas that was erected by the United Daughters of the Confederacy and The Texas United Confederate Veterans has been under attack by the NAACP and by two college students that are currently attending the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas.  This issue of taking down the Denton Confederate monument has come up twice before in recent years.  We have contacted the Texas Historical Commission about the Denton Confederate Statue and found that the Denton Texas monument is protected in several different ways by State of Texas.  The County of Denton Texas or the City of Denton does not have a voice in the matter of the Denton Confederate Statue, but yet the decision falls under the jurisdiction of the State of Texas Historical Society.  The Denton Confederate Monument is protected through a lien placed on the Denton County Courthouse grounds due to a grant given to restore the old Denton courthouse and Denton courthouse grounds.  The Denton Confederate Statue is protected and considered a Texas Archeological Site and is also registered as a Texas Historical Landmark.  If for any reason the Denton Confederate Monument was taken down by the County of Denton or the City of Denton, the State of Texas would impose a fine of $1,000.00 per day until the Confederate Statue was replaced.  So, in other words the number of signatures a petition that is circulating for the removal of the Denton Confederate Statue is not relevant and will be ignored by the County of Denton, The City of Denton and the State of Texas Historical Society.
Texas Historical Commission confirmed that the monument is protected under several laws of the State of Texas:

 a)  All buildings that are serving or have served as the courthouse are protected under a statute entitled, "County Courthouses" in the Texas Government Code. All buildings    that are serving or have served as the courthouse are protected under a statute entitled, “County Courthouses" as described in the Texas Government Code, Title 4, Chapter 442, Section 442.008. Rules for implementing this law are found in the Texas Administrative Code, Title 13, Part 2, Chapter 17.2.

b)  The courthouse is protected by a fifty-year easement, conveyed to the THC by Denton County in 2003.
c)  The Denton County Courthouse is a State Archeological Landmark (SAL) designated in 1981 and is therefore protected under the Antiquities Code of Texas.


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