McCamey A. Harris











Full Name:  McCamey A. Harris

Birth Date:  December 1, 1829

Died:          August 20, 1900







Green Hill, Titus Co., Tex., Aug. 21, 1899

To: Hon. G. B, Pickett, Decatur, Tex.

Dear sir and friend— You will doubtless be sur­prised at receiving a letter from too at this time, but it has been my desire for a long time to write some one of my old army friends and learn as much possible of them. Some are doubtless dead, and others like, myself, are trying their fortunes in other places, but it is to be supposed a few still remain in your county.

Of the 112 men who composed your old company forty-five were captured at Arkansas Post. Of that number fifteen died in prison at Camp Douglas, thirty were paroled or exchanged at, City Point, Va.  Eight  were present for duty at the sur­render of Johnston’s army near Greenville,  N.C.  I was one of  them and Lieut. Collins was another. ". I do not positively remember who the others were.  Liet. Buress  had been left at the hospital at Columbia, Tenn.,  having been wounded at Frank­lin. Jesse Fullinigim was wounded Resaca and Lieut Dean was killed at the same place. These are some of my recollections among those who survived.  I have a par­tial remembrance of them as follows:  Chris Gese, Bob Gaston, Bob Floys, Newt Millholland, Jim Harding, Frank Cook, Len Roberts and perhaps Perry Collum and Add Anderson.

1 have been thinking it would be nice  for all of us to agree on some day to meet Dallas during the time of the fair this fall.  It would cost me more money and a great­er trial perhaps than most of them, but I would afford so much pleasure to meet you all again,  that I am willing to try if you will only let un know when and how to meet.  It was my suggestion that your old company assume the name of “Wise County Picketts.: a name we were always proud to hear.  Hoping to hear from you very soon. 

I remain yours sincerely.