Jack L. Hays





























Full Name:    John L. Hays

Birth Date:   December 3, 1845

Died:             June 2, 1911 

Spouse:         M.E. "Lizzie"  Hays   



John “Jack” Lafayette Hays was born December 3, 1845 in Henry County, Alabama.  He was the son of Calvin S. Hays and Mahalah Whitehurst both of Henry County, Alabama.   At the age 16 Jack Hays  enlisted in the Confederate Army in Co E. 19th Georgia Calvary.  In 1865, after the Civil War Jack was brought to Texas by his uncle Jim Hays who had already been living in Titus County prior to the Civil War.  Jack Hays married Mary E. Bridges on February 19, 1874 by Isaac R. Riddle at the home of Willis Grissum.  To this union were born six children: Sallie L. Hays who was born January 17, 1875, Albert Zadock Hays Sr. who was born January 29, 1877, Isac Lee Hays who was born November 12, 1883, Carrie M. Hays who was born March 25, 1884, Essie May Hays who was born February 18, 1887 and Leah M. Hays who was born March 28, 1890.  John L. Hays died at the age of 65 on June 2, 1911.