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Since the organization of Sam Lanham Chapter, U.D.C., at the home of Mrs. Oscar Barthold, October 27, 1903, it has been the earnest desire of the membership to erect a monument in honor of the Confederate Veterans of Parker County on the court house lawn.



MRS. W.T. IVY, President, 1910.

 May 3, Band Room—Mrs. Ed Armstrong, presiding.  Mrs. Josephine McCall suggested the erection of Confederate monument, the object so dear to the Daughters and Veterans.  Informal discussion.  No action taken.

 May 26—Mrs. J.D. Doughty, hostess.  Mrs. B.G. Bidwell suggested the Chapter take up the work of erecting the Confederate monument.  On motion of Mrs. W.M. Campbell, the Chapter unanimously decided to start a Confederate monument fund.  Mrs. G.A. McCall was granted the privilege of making the first donation, $10.00. 

             First Monument Fund Committee—Mrs. G.A. McCall chairman; Mrs. J.D. Doughty, Mrs. G.A. Holland.

             Mrs. Eula Emanuel, Fort White, Florida, on reading of our undertaking, sent a donation of $25.00.

             Second Monument Fund Committee—Mrs. B.W. Akard, chairman; Mrs. R.W. Bonner. Mrs. J.D. Doughty, Mrs. G.A. Holland.

             Special Monument committees—To Secure Plans and Prices:  Mrs. Josephine McCall, chairman; Mrs. Frank Carter, Mrs. J.E.H. Railey.  To Secure Location:  Mrs. Oscar Barthold, chairman; Mrs. B.G. Bidwell, Mrs. R.W. Bonner.

             Judge F.O. McKinsey presiding, 1911—The Commissioners Court gave their permission for the Daughters of the Confederacy to erect a Confederate monument on the northwest corner of the court house lawn.

             Third Friday, February—Mrs. William Campbell, hostess.  Mrs. W.O. Squyres reported for her committee prices ranging from $1600 to $3000.  Mrs. Holland’s motions prevailed that the Chairman of Monument Committee act as treasurer of said fund, and that the committee be authorized to invest fund to best advantage.

             Third Friday, March—Mrs. R.S. Lowe, hostess.  Mrs. Josephine McCall, chairman of committee to secure prices, etc., stated that on request of committee, Mr. Alex Rawlins would arrive a 4 p.m. to display his plans and give terms.  Mrs. B.G Bidwell displayed a drawing of the monument with statue, by Mr. Camp; both firms were reasonable in price, and the cuts were beautiful, but no definite action was taken. 


MRS. OSCAR BARTHOLD, President, 1912.


            Third Friday, October—Mrs. Oscar Barthold, hostess. 

            Third Monument Committee—Mrs. Frank Carter, chairman; Mrs. J.C. Massey, Mrs. Lee Walker.

            Mrs. B.W. Akard reported that the Monument Fund Committee had done nothing, as the Chapter had thought best to wait a more convenient and prosperous time to raise funds.

            Third Friday, November—Mrs. John Hart, hostess.  The president stated there had been no money raised for monument fund in over a year, on account of financial conditions, and suggested the work be taken up again.  Mrs. W.T. Ivy moved that the Chapter take up the work at once, which unanimously carried.

             Third Friday, December—Mrs. Oscar Barthold, hostess.  Mrs. H.C. Shropshire moved that the monument fund be turned over to the treasurer and placed under head of Monument Fund, to be used for this purpose only, unless otherwise ordered by the Chapter. 

            Third Friday, January, 1913—Mrs. B.W. Akard, hostess.  Mr. Wilson, representative of the McNeil Marble Works of Marietta, Ga., presented a beautiful line of monument cuts and his offer to place same was reasonable; after the monument was erected the Chapter could pay whatever amount they had on hand and could have the time desired to raise the balance.

             Called Meeting, Feb 3—Mrs. John Hart, hostess.  President stated the purpose of the meeting was to decide in regard to the erection of a Confederate monument as presented by Mr. Wilson of McNeil Marble Works.  Mrs. Hart moved that the secretary notify Mr. Wilson that the Chapter was not in a position to accept his offer, and that the purchase of the monument be deferred indefinitely; unanimously carried.

             Third Friday, February—Mrs. Frank Carter, hostess.  Miss Ida Bell Leach, treasurer, requested the president to appoint a committee to invest the money, with instructions to collect all donations before investing.  Mrs. Frank Carter, Mrs. Lee Walker, Mrs. J.C. Massey, were appointed.


MRS. H.C. SHROPSHIRE, President, 1914.


Third Friday, April—Mrs. Lee Walker, hostess.  Mrs. Oscar Barthold moved that the Chapter follow their previous plan—investing the monument fund, and the Chapter have entertainments as often as practicable—thus placing the Chapter on record as active in the work of building the monument, and to continue collecting the donation subscribed and invest same as soon as possible.  Carried.

         Called Meeting, April 23—Mrs. H.C. Shropshire, hostess.  The president, Mrs. H.C. Shropshire, stated the meeting was called to hear the report of the Monument Fund Committee; that while they had the right to invest same, as instructed repeatedly by Chapter to do, each member of the committee, Mesdames Frank Carter, Lee Walker, Oscar Barthold, J.C. Massey, with herself, preferred to have the approval of the Chapter.  Mrs. Oscar Barthold reported that the committee had met with the president and she had laid before them the offer of Mr. G.A. Holland:  that he held a vender’s lien on a fine farm, title gilt edge, amount $207,which when matured in about twenty months, would raise the fund to about $250.  This offer to be held open until Chapter could meet and perfect their plans.  Unanimously endorsed.

             March, 1915—the president, Mrs. H.C. Shropshire, appointed the following Monument committee: Mesdames G.A. Holland, chairmen; B.W. Akard, Oscar Barthold, Frank Carter, Pearl Mackey Lowe, and at a later meeting asked that the committee be made permanent, which was unanimously granted; also, the request of the committee was granted that Mrs. Shropshire be made a member of committee. 

             Third Friday, May—Mrs. J.T. Melton, hostess.  On request of Monument Committee, Mr. Alex Rawlins showed three plans and prices of monuments, with reasonable terms for payment, which made possible purchase of same.  On motion of Mrs. C.F. Drake, the members present unanimously voted to purchase a Confederate monument in honor of the Confederate Veterans of Parker county.  On motion of Mrs. H.C. Hunnewell, the base only was ordered purchased, price not to exceed $1,500, to be used as a monument until such time as Chapter could assume the purchase of a statue. 


MRS. J.C. MASSEY, President, 1915-1916.


Monument base purchased June 6, 1915.

Monument base placed October 25, 1915.


            December 13—On request of the Chapter, presented by the Monument Committee, the Chamber of Commerce instructed the Board of Directors to formulate some plan as early as they deemed practicable, whereby the statue could be place on the base now used as a monument.

             Third Friday, December—Miss Janie Massie, hostess.  Donation from Mr. M. Lasker, Galveston, Texas $100.00.  On motion of Mrs. B.W. Akard, the treasurer, Miss Eula Pickard was instructed to make the down payment of $300 and $100 for the first year’s payment in advance, for the year 1916 to January, 1917.

             Next payment due, Jan. 1918.



An Appreciation

             To the Herald Publishing Company for valuable space and courtesies too numerous to mention throughout the years of hoping and planning; to the Confederate Veterans for their repeated expression of appreciation and “Sham Battles,” which added $50.00 to the fund; to our former citizens, Mrs. Eula Emanuel, Fort White, Florida, and Mr. M. Laska of Galveston; to each member of our Chapter, and citizen of Weatherford and Parker County for donations; to the friends who have freely given their talents—music, song and oratory, to assist in raising funds; to Mr. G.A. Holland for his continuing financial support and enthusiasm for the cause we represented, whether the spirit of “Doubting Thomas” bid us quit, or, that of faith and courage beckoned us onward to success; and last, but not least, to our patriotic townsmen, Mr. Alex Rawlins, for the generous terms, both of price and payment, and his thoughtful helpfulness throughout the entire transaction, we,

             The Daughters of the Confederacy, would express our deep and abiding gratitude for their noble assistance which had made possible the fulfillment of our dream of years—a monument in honor of the Confederate Veterans of Parker county, on the court house lawn. 


From the Directory, History of Confederate Monument, Constitution, and By-Laws of Sam Lanham Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Weatherford, Texas.  1917.






The Daily Herald, Tuesday, April 23, 1929.







Sam Lanham Chapter met at the club home of Friday, April 19, at 3:30 p.m., with Mrs. B.L. Walker, president in the chair.  Roll call was answered with the names of Texas heroes.

Reports and discussions concerning the completion of the Confederate monument was the business of most importance.  The monument has been ordered and it is hoped this work may soon be completed.  As an expression of appreciation for valuable assistance, Mr. R.K. Phillips was made an honorary member of the monument committee.  Throughout the years past, Mr. H.C. Shropshire and Mr. Clyde Jenkins have in a substantial way, proven their interest in the Confederate cause and in the monument.  They were unanimously made honorary members of the Sam Lanham Chapter.

A booklet of far more than ordinary interest, the 1928 year book of the Confederate Memorial Literary Society, was presented the Chapter by Mrs. Oscar Barthold.  Near the center of this little booklet there are loving memory pages, among them one especially secred (sic) to Weatherford:  In Memoriam, Mrs. Robert Grady Carter,”  On the next page there is a beautiful tribute in verse from the loving heart of her mother.

Mrs. J.C. Massey, historian, presented the program: A short history sketch of Parker county and some of the pioneers, Texas flags, by the senior mascot Master Charles Massey.

The Confederate choir sang a number of favorite old songs, with Mrs. Joe C. Bunch at the piano.

The chapter was very glad to have with them as visitors Judge J.J. Stoker, Mrs. Tom Stewart of Thorp Springs, Mrs. Joe C. Bunch and Charles Massey.

The hostesses for the afternoon, Mesdames Lee Walker, A.S. Moake and Ole Olson, served dainty plates of food.  Good attendance enjoyed their hospitality.





This article appeared in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, on May 29, 1942, as a correction to an erroneous statement made in an article concerning the re-configuration of the square from a “square” to an oval the ran in the Star-Telegram on May 26, 1942. 


Weatherford Monument

To Confederate Soldiers


In a story appearing in the Tuesday morning Star-Telegram about the streamlining of Weatherford’s courthouse square, the monument on the square was referred to as one to the “Unknown Soldier.”

            This was an error.

            The monument is one erected many years ago by members and friends of Sam Lanham Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy.  It was erected to the honor and memory of Tom Green Camp and all Confederate soldiers of Parker County.

            Two of the veterans so honored are still alive.  They are J.L. Jones of Weatherford and J.L. Harris who lives on a farm west of Weatherford.  Miss Janie Massie, writing to correct the error, points to the fact the “we revere the memory of the gallant boys in gray and in the present war the sons, the grandsons, and the great-grandsons are proving their heritage.”

            So apologies to the U.D.C. of Weatherford and the “Tsk! Tsk! To a certain official in a certain Weatherford public body who wrongly identified the monument.





This is a history of the contract

timeline for the Confederate Monument


The year in the February 3 date is not complete, but perhaps it was 1942 or 1952 because the document addresses the date of the final payment being made in 1937.  This was provided by Mr. Mark Littleton of Rawlins Monument in Weatherford, Texas.  This document certainly demonstrates the resolve of the ladies of the United Daughters of the Confederacy to honor our Confederate Heroes. 





This article is from the Weekly Herald, January 4, 1923 (Weatherford) and provided by Mark Littleton of Rawlins Monuments, Weatherford, Texas.  





This 1929 article is provided my Mark Littleton of Rawlins Monument, Weatherford, Texas