Potter County

Amarillo, Texas


The funding for this monument was provided by the Will A. Miller Chapter 1372, United Daughters of the Confederacy.
The UDC Chapter 1372 ordered the monument from Carrara, Italy, through H.A. Whiteacre.  The Vermont-granite shaft and soldier were set in place by Osgood Monument Company.


On Sunday, June 8th, Will A. Miller Chapter, U. D. C., unveiled and presented to the city of Amarillo, Tex., an imposing monument and statue, made of Vermont and Italian marble, to perpetuate the memory of Confederate soldiers.
To the familiar strains of old Southern tunes, played by the Municipal Band, hundreds gathered in beautiful Elmwood Park to witness the impressive ceremony.
The exercises began with an invocation by Rev. Mr. Fisher, who was introduced by Mrs. William
P. Hopkins, president of the Chapter. Miss Georgie Kirkman made the presentation speech for the Daughters, while Mrs. F. J. Trigg loosened the cord that let the Confederate Flag enshrouding the monument flutter to the ground. 

Mayor Ernest 0. Thompson, in his acceptance speech, lauded the members of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, who, for fifteen years, have worked in various ways to make the monument possible.

Following Mayor Thompsonís speech, Congressman Marvin Jones paid tribute to the South and her Confederate soldiers in a burning speech that made every Southerner in the vast crowd proud of his heritage from such noble men.
The ceremonies were concluded with a prayer by Bishop Cecil E. Seamon, and the crowd dispersed to the music of Dixie and the Star-Spangled Banner.
Only four Confederate veterans of the small number left in the Amarillo section were able to attend the dedication exercise of this monument, and they are reading from left to right: J. P. Carder, J. L. Blake, P. K. Manion, D. M. Deason.